Venue Office Number:
01 670 9105 (Lost Property, Ticket Info, Accessibility Info, General Show Info)

Bookings Contact:
To Hire the venue for an EARLY SHOW (19.30-22.30pm) 
Email: or

To Hire the venue for a LATE SHOW (23.00- 03.00am) 

Corporate Bookings:


The main entrance of the Button Factory is fully wheelchair accessible. Staff are available to assist all patrons, no need to join the queue. There are dedicated toilet facilities for disabled patrons just off the foyer at the entrance. There is a ramp from the foyer that brings you in to the main room in front of the stage. The advised viewing position is in front of the stage which is also a security position. The stage is 950mm high.

Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios:
01 670 9030 / 01 670 9031

Sound Training College:
01 670 9033


PA specifications:
Sound Limiter: There is a sound limit on the pa of 112dB-C weighted which cannot be bypassed and must be adhered to. ALSO Crossover settings cannot be changed.

Main FOH System:
FOH Desk Digidesign D-Show Profile console 48 input,
16 output 8 outputs @FOH – 4 in use for PA 8 outputs @Stage – Used for monitors from FOH MAIN SYSTEM L & R

Microphone and D.I List:

1x Shure Beta 52a

1x Shure Beta 91a

1x Sennheiser e902

1x AKG D22

2x AKG D40

10x Sennheiser e604

3x Shure Beta 56a

7x Sennheiser e614

6x Shure SM57 LC

2x Sennheiser e906

4x Shure Beta 57a

8x Shure SM 58 LC

6x Stageline Dib-100 Passive DI Boxes

3x Radial J48 Active DI Boxes

8x BSS AR-133 Active DI Boxes

Stacked on Stage:
L’Acoustics ARCS Two way active speaker x 6 (3 per side) L’Acoustics dv-Sub Compact Bass x4 (2 per side) L’Acoustics SB28 dual 18″ subwoofer x 2 (Under the stage @Centre position) Powered by L-Acoustics LA8, DSP/ Networked remote x3 Amplifier, 4 x 2000 Watt, with Presets Balcony:

Left and Right Balconys:
L-Acoustics 12XT, Passive 12” x2 (1 per side) Main Balcony Centre Cluster L-Acoustics 12XT, Passive 12″ x2 All Powered by L-Acoustics LA4, DSP/Networked remote Amplifier, 4 x 1000 Watt, with presets


The Button Factory Dimensions

9200mm Wide
5000mm Deep
954 mmHigh

Dance Floor:

81 square metres

From Stage to Truss:

From Stage to Moving Lights:

Front Truss to Stage:

Front Truss To Dance Floor:

Projector From Screen:

Lighting Dept :

Equipment List


Avolites Pearl  Expert Pro Upgrade with Avolites Expert Touch wing 


8 x Robe 250AT ColourSpot

6 x Robe 250AT ColourWash 

4 x Robe Robin 300E Beam

1 x Martin Atomic3000 strobe

2 x sets of ACL

3 x blinders

1 x 6 way PAR 64 bar, CP61

2 x 40” Mirror Ball


4 x Robe 250AT ColourSpot 

2 x Blinders


1 x Panasonic Pt-ew 630. 5,500 Ansi-lumen Projector
4.5m width electric screen 16:10 ratio (positioned upstage centre)

Viewing area in cm (WxH): 350 x 219, 400 x 250, 450 x 281

Overall dimensions (A - C) 311 - 304, 361 - 354, 411 - 404, 461 - 454
Signal Supply from Stage
1 x HDMI
Signal Supply from Ops Position
1 x VGA


32 Meters of Thomas 22” Box Truss
10 Meters of Globe 12” Triangular Truss
This is a fixed position truss.

On Stage Power:
1 x 63A 3 Phase 240v (Positioned upstage right)