Bloody Kisses (A Tribute to Type O Negative)
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Bloody Kisses (A Tribute to Type O Negative)

Named after the third album of Brooklyn Gothic rockers, Type O Negative, Bloody Kisses was initially formed in 2010 by guitarist Christian Stynes and vocalist/bassist Muiris Ó Fiannachta after an impromptu immitation of Type O Negative’s classic Black No. 1 single involving an acoustic guitar, a low baratone vocal line and snapping fingers (if you don’t get the references search for the video of the song online). Soon after keyboardist Linda Quinlan joined the fold along with drummer Bob Ryan. 


Though initially penned as a once-off set of cover versions, the idea of forming a fully-fledged tribute act to Type O Negative and Pete Steele (who passed away tragically in April 2010) came to fruition. 


The band - all self-proclaimed Type O Negative fanatics, quickly set themselves a target of preparing two special shows to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the passing of Pete Steele - a musician who many within the broader heavy metal genre (as well as further afield) regard as a genius song-writer and whose death brought shock and sadness to the metal community worldwide. 


Although it would seem obvious, the band are keen to point out that they are merely attempting to honour the memory of one of their favourite musicians: 


“People have mixed feelings about tribute bands, and all of us in the band are the exact same,” says Ó Fiannachta. “At the end of the day, all we are doing is playing a set of songs which someone else wrote and made famous. We are keenly aware of that. We genuinely hope that we are doing so in as true and as respectful a way as is possible. Just like us, if you are a Type O Negative fan, you will have been devastated at Pete’s death. We just want to give some of the powerful and beautiful music he created another airing in a live setting and pay tribute to the greatness of the man and of the band. Type O Negative no longer exist as an entity but if you love their music as much as we do we hope you’ll enjoy hearing an enthusiastic bunch of fans playing the songs in a live environment.”

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Dreaming of Jupiter "Fading" EP Launch
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Dreaming of Jupiter "Fading" EP Launch

On the 29th of November 2018, three piece Ambi-Groove band Dreaming of Jupiter will release their debut EP ‘Fading’ in the The Button Factory, Dublin. The EP will reveal the music the trio have been working on for the past year and will include four tracks. During the show, the band will be joined by renowned Dublin-based visual artist and NCAD graduate Jessie Hopkins, who will create a work of art in real-time with the band on stage during the live performance of the EP title track ‘Fading’. Jessie uses full body participation in the creation of her work, using the music as her muse, her painting will manifest as a visual representation of the energy shared between her and the band during their performance of the song. The performance will lead to the creation of a one-off very unique painting, a visual representation of the energy of the show.

The track itself, ‘Fading’, is a dark, electro-pop anthem with a strong groove presence and deep textural palette, reminiscent of the likes of Massive Attack and Little Dragon, with a dark soulful twist. The lyrics, which float between English and Spanish, deal with various themes including memory, grief, self-worth and sexuality among others. 

Other tracks on the EP include releases from this year ‘Let Me Down’ and ‘Right Kind of Love’. Both tracks received very positive critical reviews from the likes of Ireland’s Nialler 9 Blog and the UK’s Clash Magazine, who when reviewing Dreaming of Jupiter made the following statement: 

“Dreaming Of Jupiter seem to make each step count. The rising trio have a soulful sound, one matched to effervescent pop and an ability to side-step trends. Carving out their own path, each new release represents a step forward, with Dreaming Of Jupiter continuing to excel.” 

The fourth and final track from the EP will be ‘Solace’ - a melodic and melancholic slow-jam which deals with the release and peace creativity gives an artist when dealing with loss and grief. The band regularly make reference to the solace they find through composition and performance - ‘no matter what goes right or wrong in life - music will always be the creative outlet that brings us back to life, it gives us purpose, it helps us uncover who we are, what we are feeling and how we deal with living’. 

Having worked with staff and students from Dublin’s Sound Training Centre for the Searchlight Showcase back in early 2018, Dreaming of Jupiter have collaborated with a team of professionals to create a visually stunning show for ‘Fading’, including top of the line lighting and visuals for the production.

Doors will open at 7.30pm and the show starts at 8.30pm, with support from ROE.

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Magical Mayhem with Keith Barry & Friends
to Aug 10

Magical Mayhem with Keith Barry & Friends

The Button Factory is delighted to present a fantastic brand new cabaret style show MAGICAL MAYHEM with KEITH BARRY & FRIENDS. This special event will begin at 7pm sharp on August 9th and will feature visual comedy, hypnotherapy, close up illusions and magic aplenty.

In this one off show Keith will implant thoughts, extract thoughts, and influence the behaviour of a number of unsuspecting audience members.  No-one is safe.

He will also introduce his friends and colleagues from the World's of comedy and magic who will have you laughing until your faces hurt and be fooled very badly as well.  Indeed his partner in crime on the night, comedy magician Colm Dawson, will perform a never before seen feat of magic that will blow your minds.  A night not to be missed.
Tickets to this seated event will cost €25 including fees.

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